Cameroon Tobacco and Handicraft Fair 2012

Cameroon is growing some of the best leafs for cigars –

( – Scores of people streaming into the exhibition village of the ongoing third edition of the International Handicrafts Exhibition of Cameroon (SIARC) are finding soft spots in the stands occupied by the 20 flagbearers of the East Region.

The originality of the products on display and the welcoming touch with which exhibitors take visitors in and out of their stands make the stands, ‘must-visit’ places.

From the typical forest honey, agro-food products, tobacco to fine wood products, the stands hosting exhibitors offer visitors a good run for their money and time.

According to one of the exhibitors, John Gabela who is showcasing his ingenuity in tobacco farming and processing, “SIARC has helped me to realise one of my life’s dreams.”

The processed and parcelled tobacco he brought had been sold barely half way into the exhibition. “I have gained an American market. A black American came and bought everything. He took 25 kg of raw tobacco.” John Gabela said.

To Nango Fouman with her diverse processed cocoa products (chocolate in various forms); SIARC is a real place to create contacts, widen her market scope and gain experience from others in her business line.

Bienvenu Nams Ongolo, dealer in processed fruit juice from guava, tomato and other fruits, corroborated Mrs Fouman but said had craftsmen received financial assistance to better their products prior to the exhibition; the show would have been more interesting.

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